Digital-Transformation Solutions

We come from research, and therefore technology transfer and innovation represent the third pillar of our mission

Innovation Need Discovery

Many companies and organizations nowadays consider innovation and digital transformation as a priority, but very few of them have a clear picture of what they need.

A crucial need for these subjects is to find a partner that is capable of eliciting their real needs, and to design a digital-innovation project with them.

This is what we do.

Advanced Algorithms and Architectures

Our research experience has given us a feel for technology analysis and innovative design.

But even more important, it has taught us to be flexible in designing solutions. We do not rely on any specific platform. We are very broad in our offer of software-development and data-analytics services.

This is obviously a challenge, but also an invaluable opportunity.

Robotic Process Automation

One of the rising fields in digital transformation is RPA. In a nutshell, RPA is the process of using bots, i.e., software agents, to carry on long and repetitive tasks that have traditionally been performed by human workers.

We have a strong experience in the development of RPA solutions, and may help companies and organizations to identify automation opportunities and complete the transition to automation.