Svelto! Srl
Big Data Cleaning and Analytics

A spin-off of the research group in data management of University of Basilicata

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About Us

Svelto! is a startup specialized in big-data management and analytics. It was founded in 2017 as a spinoff of the research group in data management of University of Basilicata.

We have put together a young and thriving development team, composed primarily of PhDs. Our mission is to foster technology transfer, and to put our know how to the service of companies and organizations that are looking for cutting-edge software and data-management solutions.

Svelto! embraces the culture of agile development. We believe that software needs to adapt to change, and we believe in short release cycles and continuous acceptance tests by our clients. We also pursue the latest technologies in software development, both on Web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

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Svelto! inherits twenty years of know how in software development and big-data management. Over the years our team has promoted leading projects in:

data analytics -- with a focus on machine learning, data mining, and data exploration, and business intelligence;

data integration -- with a focus on schema matching, schema mappings, and data exchange;

data cleaning -- with a focus on constraint-based data checking and data repairing, data normalization, entity resolution and record linkage;

information extraction -- with a focus on wrapper and middleware solutions.

Our Services

Big-Data Analytics

Machine learning, classification, clustering, data mining, big-data management

Business Intelligence

Data warehousing, OLAP, data exploration


Web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps


data-management consulting, digital transformation, software-cost evaluation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Workforce automation, attendend and unattendend task automation, system integration


Embedded software development, domotics, pub-sub architectures

Data Integration

Schema matching, schema mapping, data exchange, information extraction

Data Cleaning

Constraint checking and repairing, data normalization, entity resolution